The "South Coast Pipe Band" was formed by returning service men at the end of the second world war, the name Gold Coast did not come into use until the early 60's. At this time the band wore the Red Frazer tartan until the late 70's. This band was centred around the Southport RSL and the Pacific Hotel.

In the early 60's the band split into two bands, "The Gold Coast Pipe Band" and the "White Heather Pipe Band". The "White Heather Pipe Band" wore the Leslie tartan. The White Heather Pipe Band folded in the early 70's.

The Gold Coast band went into recess in the mid 60's until 1978, which at this time the Twin Towns RSL became our sponsor, and the Ancient Sutherland tartan was chosen.

In 1998 we gained support from the Currumbin RSL, and the practice venue that we now have.

And that is where we are to this date.